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ET Contact Okanagan Shuswap

Okanagan CE-5 is a local working group that meets one evening per month to engage in the contact protocols developed by Dr. Steven Greer (of cseti.org or Sirius Disclosure ). The term CE-5 was first coined by Jacques Vallee and refers to "close encounters of the fifth kind".

Our purpose is to invite contact with extra-terrestrial (ET) beings and begin a diplomatic exchange as Ambassadors to the Universe. We experience a variety of anomalous activity which may include: unusual lights in the sky, subjective perceptions of orbs and other light phenomena. In a group setting, only a few individuals may perceive ET beings as they walk among us, and the subtle effects of dematerialized ships that sometimes surround us. A contact experience often involves an intense experience of joy and love. We ask for full materialization of the ships only if it is safe and appropriate for the ET beings to do so.

We recognize that ETs have delivered new forms of science and technology to humanity many decades ago, to assist in transforming the way we live on the planet. These technologies have not been widely distributed because our civilization needs to develop spiritual qualities that would permit equal-access for all. Collectively, we currently lack the self discipline to avoid weaponizing the technology. Therefore the CSETI contact protocols are primarily a spiritual enterprise: letting go of fear, releasing others to their path, then choosing higher levels of love, kindness and generosity in every moment of the experience. Above all a working group attempts to function as a coherent group with a focus on self-discipline. Many people seek contact with an ET consciousness ... we like to suggest that, "The first step is dealing with the human consciousness sitting across from you, when all your interactions with people demonstrate kindness and self-discipline then you will be ready for contact with ET beings."


Since 1993, Dr. Steven Greer (formerly an emergency room physician), has been an activist seeking disclosure of the ongoing ET contact with humanity. A variety of military and professional people have contacted him and disclosed their experiences. In May 2001, Greer hosted the Disclosure Project at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., where twenty witnesses presented their evidence. As of 2009, five hundred witnesses have disclosed their knowledge of ET beings and the government/private sector programs maintaining secrecy on the subject. Furthermore, Dr. Greer asserts that two thirds of the so-called Majestic 12 group currently support his call for full and open disclosure, with the subsequent release of technical information that will allow us to transform our civilization.

The disclosed evidence supports the following conclusions:

  1. Actual ET beings are entirely benevolent and are seeking peaceful contact with humanity. They steadfastly refuse to engage in any scenario that would cause humans to be afraid. It is our responsibility to send a signal that we are ready for contact, only then will it happen.
  2. It is incumbent upon all humans seeking contact to accept the diversity of sentient life that exists in the ET realms. Humans must be prepared to discard all remnants of inter-cosmic racism and the supremacy of homo sapiens. All animal life on planet Earth is capable of evolving into a tool-using, sentient lifeform that walks upright.
  3. For the past 60 years, human stakeholder groups have received a variety of exotic technologies including: electro gravitic propulsion systems, zero point energy, genetic enginneering, and consciousness assisted technologies (a.k.a. radionics and psionics)... they have refused to distribute these technologies for the general benefit of humanity.
  4. To maintain the secrecy of these technologies, the stakeholder groups (i.e. Majestic 12) have engaged in an active propaganda program. They have created ARVs (Alien Reproduction Vehicles) and PLFs (Programmable Life Forms). MiLabs (military laboratories) have staged abduction scenarios to persuade the population at large that ETs are hostile. These stakeholder groups are deliberately creating a climate of fear so that they can enrich themselves and maintain their status as power brokers. This hostile threat is entirely invented, to keep tax money flowing to military contractors (currently $100 Billion per year in the U.S.). These rogue operations have lied to various oversight committees of the United States Congress (and other governments) and thus their operations are illegal.
  5. The human stakeholder groups have full military capability to attack and destroy ET craft. These attacks occur worldwide on a regular basis.
  6. Actual ET beings will not participate in any event that can be staged/manipulated to appear like an ET attack. However, they are seeking a public contact event with any government willing to do so.
  7. The biosphere is collapsing and the danger for all life on the planet is imminent. The ET technologies, given to us 60 years ago, must be released and deployed immediately to minimize the catastrophe.
  8. Humanity is currently quarantined by a galactic federation of ET beingsā€”as are all sentient species who express hostile intent and attempt interstellar travel. Humanity will not be permitted to realize it's destiny as an interstellar civilization until we have first demonstrated the necessary spiritual qualities that ensure responsible use of technology and an appropriate honouring of the biosphere.

Okanagan CE-5 welcomes inquiries, argument and critical thinking from all but wish to remind you that the contact experience also encourages heart-centred thinking and inevitably, a certain amount of faith.

Yours truly,

Deborah Warren / Coordinator Okanagan CE-5 Working Group